WTCS Leeds 2022: Start lists and bib numbers for a stellar weekend – Elite News

The sixth running of WTCS Leeds takes place in the UK city this weekend, and we have terrific fields set to line up at the Yorkshire venue.

Thousands of fans are expected to line the streets of the city center and pack Roundhay Park as three elite races take center stage.

We have individual races headlining on Saturday, before the excitement of a Mixed Relay on Sunday.

So with the normal ‘subject to change’ caveat, here are the start lists for this weekend.

Elite Women

The elite women are set to enter the water at 1545 local time on Saturday June 11 – that’s 1645 CET and 1045 Eastern Time.

Sadly there will be no Jess Learmonth as the Leeds star misses her home through race injury.

That apart though it is a stellar field, headed by reigning Olympic and WTCS Champion Flora Duffy. She will again lock horns with Tokyo silver medalist Georgia Taylor-Brown.

# Athlete Country
1 Georgia Taylor-Brown GBR
2 Flora Duffy BER
4 Sian Rainsley GBR
5 Erika Ackerlund USA
6 Kirsten Kasper USA
7 Summer Rappaport USA
8 Laura Lindemann GER
9 Anabel Knoll GER
10 Beth Potter GBR
11 Marlene Gomez-Göggel GER
12 Taylor Spivey USA
14 Leonie Periault FR
15th Sophie Coldwell GBR
16 Natalie Van Coevorden AUS
17 Maya Kingma NED
18 Cassandre Beaugrand FR
19 Verena Steinhauser ITA
20 Julia Hauser AUTO
21 Albert Kjaer Pedersen DENE
22 Rachel Clamer NED
23 Kate Wugh GBR
24 Miriam Casillas Garcia ESP
25 Lisa Tertsch GER
26 Yuko Takahashi JPN
27 Audrey Merle FR
28 Djenyfer Arnold BR
29 Nina Eim GER
30 Kira Hedgeland AUS
31 Ainsley Thorpe NZL
32 Valerie Barthelmy FR
33 Solveig Løvseth NOR
34 Barbara De Koning NED
35 Sarika Nakayama JPN
36 Melanie Santos POR
37 Jaz Hedgeland AUS
38 Emma Jackson AUS
39 Maria Tomé POR
40 Shanae Williams RSA
41 Nora Gmür SUI
42 Julie Derron SUI
43 Simone Ackermann RSA
44 Hiraku Fukuoka JPN
45 Ekaterina Shabalina KAZ
46 Lisa Perterer AUTO
47 Vittoria Lopes BR
48 Ilaria Zane ITA
49 Carlotta Missaglia ITA
50 Anna Godoy Contreras ESP
52 Tereza Zimovjanova CZE
53 Sophie Linn AUS
54 Lotte Miller NOR
55 Andrea Hansen NZL
56 Petra Kurikova CZE
57 Jolien Vermeylen BEL
58 Edda Hannesdottir ISL

Elite Men

The men’s race actually kicks off the elite action this weekend, with a start time of 1400 local on Saturday (1500 CET and 0900 Eastern TIme).

While Olympic Kristian Blummenfelt has been busy with other things recently – becoming IRONMAN World Champion and smashing through Sub7 – pretty much everybody else who is anybody will line up in Leeds.

That means British stars Alex Yee and Jonny Brownlee taking on allcomers from the world – including potentially the other Norwegian megastar Gustav Iden.

Start list is as follows:

# Athlete Country
1 Leo Bergere FR
2 Antonio Serrat Seoane ESP
3 Pierre Le Corre FR
4 Hayden Wilde NZL
5 Tim Hellwig GER
6 Lasse Nygaard Priester GER
7 Vasco Vilaca POR
8 Bence Bicsák HUN
9 Jelle Genes BEL
10 Alex Yee GBR
11 Vincent Luis FR
12 Takumi Hojo JPN
14 Matthew Hauser AUS
15th Vetle Bergsvik Thorn NOR
16 Mark Devay HUN
17 Dorian Coninx FR
18 Tom Richard FR
19 Kenji Niner JPN
20 Roberto Sanchez Mantecon ESP
21 Ricardo Batista POR
22 Brandon Copeland AUS
23 Makoto Odakura JPN
24 Jonas Schomburg GER
25 Kevin McDowell USA
26 Gabriel Sandör SWE
27 Martin Van Riel BEL
28 Lasse Luhrs GER
29 Matthew McElroy USA
30 Miguel Hidalgo BR
31 Jacob Birtwhistle AUS
32 Sylvain Fridelance SUI
33 Noah Servais BEL
34 Csongor Lehmann HUN
35 Valentin Wernz GER
36 Michele Sarzilla ITA
37 Seth Rider USA
38 Gianluca Pozzatti ITA
39 Alois Knabl AUTO
40 Chase McQueen USA
41 Luke Willian AUS
42 Dylan McCullough NZL
43 Jumpei Furuya JPN
44 Aaron Royle AUS
45 Ren Sato JPN
46 Jamie Riddle RSA
47 Joao Silva POR
48 Tyler Reid NZL
49 Jonny Brownlee GBR
50 Jawad Abdelmoula MAR
52 Gustav Iden NOR
53 Genis Grau ESP
54 Grant Sheldon GBR
55 Richard Murray NED
56 Tom Bishop GBR
57 Marc Dubrick USA

Mixed Relay

The one thing we do know ahead of time is that we will not have a reunion of that golden Great Britain quartet from Tokyo. That of course because of the injury to Learmonth.

Team GB will face strong opposition with the United States (second in Tokyo) and mighty France (third) both lying in wait.

Actual Mixed Relay team lineups will not be confirmed until closer to the start time, which is 1325 local time on Sunday (1425 CET and 0825 Eastern Time).

# Team
1 Germany
2 Italy
3 New Zealand
4 Great Britain
5 United States
6 Australia
7 France
8 Switzerland
9 Spain
10 Czech Republic
11 Netherlands
12 Belgium
14 Austria
15th Hungary
16 Denmark
17 Portugal
18 Sweden
19 Japan
20 Mexico
21 Norway

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