The Art of the Taper

If you ask just about any marathoner what the hardest part of training was, after mentioning the long runs, they just might say “the taper.” So what is the tapering period and how can you take advantage of it? Tapering refers to reducing your training load for a period of time leading up to your … Read more

What’s The Optimal Marathon Taper Length?

A new study reveals that most marathon runners aren’t tapering for their marathons correctly and are hurting their marathon performance as a result. So, what’s the optimal marathon taper length? That’s what we are here to find out by delving into the research and talking with experienced running coaches. Chances are many recreational runners doing … Read more

Marathon Taper Pains: Real or Phantom? Runner’s Flu?

The number of broken out, hair pulling, the world is ending “it’s race week and I have pain in my x” or ”I’m suddenly sick with the runner’s flu“emails I get would shock most people. But not other runners. We know all about the niggles, the weird little aches that never happened once during training … Read more