Gustav Iden on Kona plan, secret of Norwegian success and Paris 2024 – Elite News

Despite playing down his fitness at the press conference ahead of Sunday’s The Championship event at the x-bionic sphere in Samorin, Slovakia, not too many people were predicting anything other than a Gustav Iden victory. We certainly were not! Two weeks on from his pre-race withdrawal from the IRONMAN World Championship in St George, it … Read more

Bob Babbitt on the legend of Jim McLaren and the success of CAF – Triathlon News

For the latest episode of my ‘Mondays With Mark Allen’ series I had a very special guest – a certain Bob Babbitt. Bob of course is well known for ‘Breakfast With Bob’ in Kona but his Challenged Athletes Foundation is every bit as noteworthy. CAF has raised more than $134million in 28 years, and we … Read more

Ryan Haebe Interview | From Collegiate Success to a Tragic Accident and Back to the Trails on his Terms

Ryan Haebe dominated D2 Cross Country and Steeplechase in 2011 and 2012, earning himself and his tam National Champion titles and nearly every award in collegiate athletics. He then earned himself a spot at the Olympic Trials. Ryan was firing on all cylinders and according to those who raced against him, he was a fierce … Read more