Five Travel-Ready Strength Moves for Road Warriors – Triathlete

Triathlon training and in-season tri travel is a tricky partnership. Not only are performance gains hard to attain with stretch cords and a ho-tel fitness center, but the anxiety of impatient travel, altered food schedules, and/or unfamiliar surroundings can make the typical Type A personality feel completely out of sync. Fortunately, a few specifically targeted … Read more

Gain Watts With This Strength Circuit for Cycling – Triathlete

If you’re looking for ways to find extra power and strength on the bike, there’s one obvious place to search: the gym. Functional strength work, when added to endurance training, has been shown to improve both power and cycling economy—essentially making you stronger, faster, and more efficient on the bike. Lower extremity muscle power is … Read more

Herbs for Muscle Recovery, Growth and Strength

A few years ago, I was introduced to the idea of ​​turmeric as an anti-inflammatory. It wasn’t my first dabbling with a supplement (hello protein powders, greens powder, essential oils)but it was the first time I started to research the use of anabolic herbs, herbs for muscle recovery and adaptogens. Since then my Instagram followers … Read more

Build Bike Strength and Speed Like a Paralympian – Triathlete

Train 360 is our latest training column, designed to give you a deeper look at the many different aspects that go into a professional athlete executing a key workout. A key workout is considered a session that will yield significant fitness gains and is often (but not always) positioned in a training program so that … Read more

The ‘L’ word – Leeds legacy grows as WTCS event goes from strength to strength – Elite News

It’s two months to the World Triathlon Championship Series in Leeds, with the 2022 edition promising to be the biggest so far. Returning to the city for the sixth time on June 11-12, it will see thousands of athletes from amateurs to elites converging on Roundhay Park. And for the first time there will be … Read more

Hips don’t lie – Erin Carson on the secret to achieving core strength – Elite News

This week for my regular Monday video I got the opportunity to catch up with Erin Carson – one of the finest strength coaches around. The list of great athletes Erin has worked with is seemingly endless – including to name but a few Mirinda Carfrae, Tim O’Donnell and now the likes of Taylor Knibb, … Read more