From overtaking men to taking on the world – the Laura Philipp story – Elite News

Laura Philipp really knew she was hooked on triathlon when it provided her with a new hobby – overtaking men. The 34-year-old German star did not take part in her first race until the age of 25. And while she was still pretty raw from a talent perspective, the possibilities blew her mind. “I was … Read more

Why is Mark Allen ‘The Grip’? The story of his tough road to the top – Elite News

Triathlon legend Mark Allen is known by many as the sport’s GOAT, but he also carries another moniker – ‘The Grip’. In his latest ‘Mondays With Mark Allen feature, the six-time Kona king tells us the story behind the name, and what it means to him. I want to share with you a conversation I … Read more

Cozumel, the inside story: How Blummenfelt shocked the world – Elite News

Casper Stornes’ DNF at IRONMAN Frankfurt last August may have gone relatively unnoticed in the bigger picture of Norway’s triathlon development. But, as we heard in part two of this interview, it proved an important first piece in the jigsaw for Olav Alexander Bu and his team, who were about to start shocking the Ironman … Read more