Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Sep 19

DumbRunner: NATHAN launches line of formal hydration vests. Trailrunner Mag/Sarah Lavender Smith: Does this buckle spark joy? Revisiting some trophies and determining their real worth. I’ve got some random trophies lying around (a shellaked pear from the Pear Fair trail race, a prayer shawl from a race in India, a still unused REI gift card), … Read more

Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Sep 24

UTWT: Chase Parnell digs into the Ultra Trail World Tour (UTWT) rankings to see where each country fits in a cross country style scoring comparison. Dang, US women are on fire! Running Magazine Canada: Ooh, interesting topic: The convergence of Strava segments and FKTs. TrailRunner/Roche: Trail running is also a bunch of walking. Embrace it, … Read more