Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the John Hartnett 10k in Ballyhooly

147 runners turned out for the John Hartnett 10k in Ballyhooly on Fri 20th May 2022 Top 3 men & women… 1 196 Hennesy Pat Male West waterford 00:32:47 00:32:462 200 Herlihy Michael Male North Cork 00:33:37 00:33:363 138 Longan John Male st. Finbarr’s AC 00:35:49 00:35:4712 158 Gaffney Breda Female Mallow ac 00:38:45 00:38:4514 … Read more

Ten of the best running belts for 2021

Deciding exactly what you should take with you on a run isn’t always straightforward, particularly when space is limited. Going without those important possessions, whether that’s your phone, keys, or energy supplies, for the duration of a run isn’t ideal, particularly when you’re training for a race day or going for a long session. That’s … Read more

The 6 Best Knee Braces For Running

At Marathon Handbook we prioritize transparency. All opinions are our own and are never influenced by brands. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Read our full Affiliate Transparency Statement If you look around at the sea of ​​legs at the start of any race, you’re nearly guaranteed … Read more

ASICS Vs Mizuno Running Shoes

Comparing Mizuno vs ASICS is like pitting two very talented experienced runners against each other. Both have had the stamina to go the distance, but who will win can change by the day. Both brands are known for their quality and offer a variety of models to suit different needs like overpronation, cushioning, and various … Read more

Groin Pain From Running? Here Are 8 Possible Causes And Effective Fixes

Although knee injuries, IT band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints might be more common running injuries, groin pain from running is also a pesky injury that can sideline you from training for quite a while if not properly diagnosed and managed. Groin pain from running can be difficult to diagnose and many runners with … Read more

What Is Critical Velocity Running?

There are roughly a dozen different types of running workouts. From track intervals to threshold workouts, hill sprints to tempo runs, running coaches and exercise physiologists have developed a relatively extensive library of types of running workouts, each designed to offer specific and unique physiological and psychological benefits. One of the less commonly referenced running … Read more