Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Aug 20

Corless: Thorough recap and excellent pics from an actual trail ultramarathon! Gorgeous scenery from some fierce competition in Norway. Meanwhile, China hosts an ultra with 6,000 tightly packed participants. No thanks. A smaller, modified race taking place in Cody, Wyoming next month. Winner gets a milkshake and a beer. Well dammit, this isn’t the news … Read more

Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Aug 18

iRunFar: UTMB men’s preview. D’haene, Thevenard, Tollefson, Walmsley…yikes! No course markings, no fee, no medal, no aid stations…it’s a choose-your-route adventure in Utah Colorado! At the High Five 100, runners traverse 100ish miles with over 40k’ of vert in some of the most beautiful and unforgiving mountains in the lower 48. Prior to this year, … Read more