My Boston Training Detailed Log + Weekending!

(Tank, shorts, shoes, bra)

Back to strength… It felt good to do 20 minutes of strength again over the weekend. I took off a full week from running, but I’m going to go out today for a run!

We went straight to the soccer fields for half of Saturday. I had four kids with me and 3.5 (Knox, Skye, Brooke, and part of my nephew’s games) soccer games on my own, and it felt like a marathon physically.

We hot tubbed afterward to help all of our muscles recover from their games πŸ˜‰

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Val told me about her Caprese pizza she made on the Sam’s Club pizza crust (you buy it at the food court frozen in perfect pizza circles)β€”> olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, fresh sliced ​​mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh basil, and a balsamic glaze after it is cooked. It was amazing. All of the details for how I make pizza are on a highlight bubble on my IG!

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Andrew was at work, and Knox was with his mom, so it was the four of us on Sunday.

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We had Mindy’s chicken sandwiches for dinnerβ€”> just chicken and bbq sauce cooked in the crockpot with dill sandwich pickles.

IMG 7315

Brooke made our favorite no-bake PB cookies.

IMG 7317

And my niece tried to help me learn how to crimp my hair.

IMG 7320

Also, I keep finding Beck’s secret stashes around the house…

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I decided to put my training in one place of everything I’ve done since finding out I was running Boston! I took off the month of October because of plantar fasciitis and then worked on my base for a few months. In January, I started training for a 16-mile trail race, which helped me jump into marathon training with a solid base (and lots of Peloton rides leading up to this). Some of my best strength-building runs leading up to my Antelope Island 16-mile race was chasing Andrew in the mountains. When I usually trail run, I go easy and try to make it up the hills alive, but when I go with Andrew, I try to impress him and keep up with him. I think that built a lot of strength going into my Boston training.

My friend that gave me this plan was more than happy for me to share my workouts when I asked him, and I’m calling him my coach from here on out ha.

Not included are the 5ish strength workouts that I did per week ranging from 5-to 30 minutes.

2 days a week= lower body strength or strength for runners classes

2 days a week= upper body strength

1-2 days a week= core. Y

ou can see exactly what classes I took on the Peloton app on my calendar (janaebaron). I took the last week leading up to Boston off from strength besides a short bodyweight workout to try to keep things activated.

Week 1:

Monday: 7 miles @ 8:18 average with 10 x 30-second accelerations thrown in the middle.

Tuesday: 6.25 miles @ 8:29 average

Wednesday: 4.55 miles @ 9:16 average, indoor track with Skye and Beck.

Thursday: 2 miles @ 8:47 pace

Friday: Raceβ€”> Antelope Island, 2k ft of climbing and 16.5 milesβ€”> 2:10:49. 20.4 miles total with warm-up and cool-down. 3rd overall.

Saturday: Peloton 45 minute ride

Sunday: Off!

40.2 miles per week (lower because of race)

Week 2:

Monday: 10 miles @ 8:53 average

Tuesday: 10.08 miles @ 8:14 average

Wednesday: 15.11 miles @ 7:20 average with 3 miles (6:38 average), 2 miles (6:51 average), and 1 mile (5:56) with .5 miles recovery after each interval.

Thursday: 8.33 miles @ 8:33 average

Friday: 5 miles @ 9:01 average pace

Saturday: 22 miles @ 7:22 average. 12 miles up canyon @ 8:08 average and 10 miles down @ 6:26 average (1384 ft of climbing in the run… most in the first half and the speed miles were downhill)

Sunday: Off

70.5 miles for the week!

Week 3:

Monday: 13 miles @ 8:32 average

Tuesday: 8 miles @ 8:57 average

Wednesday: 16.08 miles @ 7:24 average w/10 x 1k (1-2 minutes standing or jogging recovery)β€”> 1k paces ranged from 3:38-> 4:17. Felt extremely terrible this day and could not get my legs moving.

Thursday: 8 miles @ 9:28 average on trails with 1200ft of climbing + 4 x 30-second hill pushes

Friday: 5.3 miles @ 8:27 average

Saturday: 20.42 miles @ 7:29 average with 4 x 2 miles (6:32, 6:01, 6:48 & 6:24 average per set). 1017 ft of climbing

Sunday: Off

71 miles for the week!

Week 4:

Monday: 8.86 miles @ 8:27 average

Tuesday: 8.64 miles @ 9:02 pace

Wednesday: 14 miles @ 7:29 average w/ 10 1-minute fast/1-minute easy + 10 x 30 seconds fast/45 seconds easy.

Thursday: 8.4 miles @ 8:04 average

Friday: 4 miles @ 9:18 average

Saturday: 16.25 miles @ 7:16 average with a 10k time trial in the middleβ€”> 37:48 (6:06 average). This time trial built up my confidence for race day.

Sunday: Off

60 miles for the week!

Week 5:

Monday: 9.2 miles @ 9:12 average on the trails with 800 ft of climbing.

Tuesday: 8.2 miles @ 8:17 pace.

Wednesday: 14.7 miles @ 7:18 average pace with 7 x 1 mile (downhill and part flat) @ 5:44 average. Recoveries back up to the start.

Thursday: 6.4 miles @ 8:49 pace, with some of that time pushing Beck/Skye

Friday: 6.31 miles @ 9:04 average

Saturday: 6 miles @ 7:34

Sunday: Off

50 miles for the week!

Week 6:

Monday: 11 miles for the day with a 5k time trial in the middle= 18:11 (5:52 average). 7:18 average for the entire run.

Tuesday: 3.67 miles @ 8:39 average

Wednesday: 7 miles @ 8:26 average

Thursday: 6 miles @ 7:43 average with 3 x 2-minute @ half-marathon pace with equal recoveries and 3 x 1 minute @ 10k pace with equal recoveries.

Friday: 5 miles @ 9:10 average… I was questioning when in the world I was going to feel tapered ha (you’d think I would learn I always feel terrible the week leading up to a race, and that is a good sign)

Saturday: 2.35 miles @ 9:59 average (still felt pretty terrible)

Sunday: Off… my coach that day gave me the option to run an easy mile and then do a mile with some strides if I felt up to it or not to do anything if I didn’t feel up to it… I spent hours upon hours in my hotel bed watching TV and doing nothing. I used rapid reboots and a massage chair at the expo πŸ™‚

RACE DAY: 2:54:52β€”> Recap HERE! And then a full week off from running.

IMG 0587

We have so many years of racing to hit our dreams. I am planning on racing PRs in my 40s, and who knows, maybe I’ll have another baby eventually (we change our minds every day)… We have so much potential and can fit it in if we want with careers or families or other hobbies as we age. Last Monday, I had an 18-minute course PR at Boston at 36. WE’VE GOT THIS, and I am planning on more course PRs at Boston too!


What was a highlight of your weekend?

What about you… What years of life have been your fastest?

Ever done a short training cycle for a race? How did it work out?

How do you split up your weight training into a week if you do it? Do you prefer upper or lower body strength more?

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