Biggest Tip + Outdoor Memories I Never Want to Forget!

Happy Friday! Today’s post is sponsored by Backcountry and ShopStyle. I hope these pictures and stories make you excited to get out as much as possible this spring and summer. Let me know if you find anything else I need to add to my favorites from Backcountry, and you can use the code HUNGRYRUNNERBC to get 15% off your first order at (exclusions apply)!

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(Me: Basin and Range High Neck Crop, Teva Midform Universal Leather Sandal, Patagonia Barely Baggies Short, Girlfriend Collective Paloma Bra… I am obsessed with all of these items. They allow me to chase around kids while being comfortable and feeling hip;)

I am very grateful that my kids are just as happy as I am to be outside. Mood follows action, and if I get out, my mood is a million times better than if I don’t.

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(Knox: RVCA T-Shirt Kids’, Sperry Top-Sider Saltie Washable Sneaker, RVCA Elastic 2 Short)

It doesn’t matter what the temperature is or where we are; everybody’s mood is better when we are in nature.

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(Beck: Patagonia Live Simply T-Shirt, Patagonia Baby Boardshort, Teva Psyclone Sandal)

I think our kid’s #1 favorite spot to spend time outside is in St. George, hence why we go there so often.

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(Brooke: Adidas Lapped Tank Top, Carhartt Lightweight Ripstop Work Short, Teva Original Universal Metallic Water Shoe)

If you are ever in St. George and have kids, you have to take them to the St. George Narrows.

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(Skye: Tiny Whales Flower Child Romper, Vans Slip-On V Checkerboard Shoe)

One of my biggest tips for getting outdoors with kids is to pack your entire house to come with you (enough snacks for five days if possible) and to make sure that everything they are wearing is comfortable and functional. If the kids are not comfortable and feeling good in their clothing, shoes, and gear, you will hear about it every 60 seconds of the entire adventure. When my kids wear their Backcountry gear, I never hear one complaint. My kids get to focus on what they are doing because they feel so good about what they are wearing.

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If my kids feel confident and comfortable in their clothing, they will hike and play outside until the sun goes down.

We have a lot of different people to get ready when we go out for an adventure, and I love that Backcountry makes it so I can get everything I need all in one spot. They make it so easy for us to connect with nature and see the most incredible parts of Utah. Backcountry carries my favorite outdoor brands—> from Arc’Teryx, Patagonia, Fjallraven, Black Diamond, and so many more. They also have the best gear heads that you can talk to (by phone, text, chat or email) 24/7 to help you find EVERYTHING you need or to help you with any returns etc.

I hope you can get out this spring and summer for a vacation or outdoor adventure. I’ll be bringing these Backcountry finds as we create new memories together over the next few months.

Blog 7

Before I let you go this morning, I wanted to share ten memories that have happened outside that we never want to forget:

*Me and Brooke’s beach days together when we lived in California. There were some tough things that I was going through at the time, but it was always so shocking to me that each time I went to the beach with Brooke, I left feeling lighter and happier than when I got there.

*I’ve shared this one a few times, but I remember one morning on a run when I struggled with hope. I felt so lost, confused, and unsure about my future. I remember the run starting so dark that I couldn’t even see my hand in front of me. The sun rose and cast a gorgeous glow around me by the end of my run. It taught me that the sun ALWAYS comes up. I don’t always get to choose the timing of the light coming, but it always comes no matter how dark my world feels. It’s a memory that I have that has continued to help me each time I am going through something hard.

*The first time that Andrew and I went stargazing. We had our gas station candy with us as we drove up the canyon to see the stars. It was one of those times at the beginning of dating him when I was positive he was the one for me.

*Andrew proposed to me outside in Southern Utah. We went on a boat on a lake and then hiked to the perfect spot where he proposed. It was just the two of us and exactly how I wanted it!

*Skiing in Sundance with the kids. It is so much work to get them all out there and go, but it is worth it. The first time Brooke and Knox went on the back mountain (where the more challenging runs are) was the best. They felt like rockstars going down the more charging runs, and the confidence they gained with each run made all of the hard parts so worth it.

*The other day at cross-country practice, I was watching all four of our kids doing laps (well, Beck was attempting a random loop hoping to get the attention of one of his siblings), and it was one of those memories that I wanted to freeze in my brain forever.

*Brooke’s favorite, “The bathtub cabin (there was a bathtub on the front porch). I loved being in the middle of nowhere so we could explore with no fences. There weren’t many cabins there, so it felt like we could go out in the mountains forever.”

*Knox’s favorite, “Biking at Snake Hallow and getting cookies after. I loved the wood jumps and trying to keep up with dad on the pump track.”

*Skye’s favorite, “When me and Odin (her memories with her best friend made the cut over us, ha) put rollie polls in our hands, and they rolled up into balls.”

*Andrew’s favorite, “One of my favorites was getting up early in the morning and driving to Sand Hollow Lake with the entire crew. The spot was perfect in the sand next to the blue lake in the desert. There were zero distractions and fun-filled hours of digging holes, playing in the water, paddleboarding, eating, and drinking our favorite treats.”

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And one outtake photo… Beck loves nature so much he tries to eat it.

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Don’t forget to use the code HUNGRYRUNNERBC to get 15% off your first order at (exclusions apply)!


What are your tips for ensuring that your outdoor adventures go as smooth as possible?

I would love to hear any of your favorite outdoor memories?

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