Best saddle bags for handy storage

When it comes to finding the right saddle bag there are plenty of styles and sizes to choose from depending on how much kit you want to carry and where you want the extra weight while you ride.

Whether you want to store some energy gels for an especially long journey, an emergency set of toolsor simply need some space to tuck your phone and keys out of the way, a saddle bag can bring some additional convenience without weighing you down.

We’ve put together some options below that should cover all the bases and make sure you’re stocked up ahead of your next ride.

Best saddle bags to buy in 2022

Altura NV Road Saddle

Tucked conveniently beneath the saddle, the Altura NV Road bag should provide a slimline and discrete bit of storage on your next ride, within easy reach when you need it.

Its look is just as subtle as its size with a black finish that means it will blend into a darker frame. However, the exterior is made with Altura’s darkproof technology, which basically means it should be nice and reflective in low light, with the option to attach a light if you want to be especially careful at night.

You can choose from a capacity of 0.4, 0.6 or 0.8 litres, giving you plenty of space for basics like your phone and wallet, as well as any snacks or energy gels to see you through the journey.

Topeak Wedge Bag

Available in a wide range of sizes depending on your packing plans, this saddle bag from Topeak starts on the smaller side with a capacity of 0.66 litres, reaching right up to a much more substantial 1.97 litres.

It has a clip-on strap that’s designed to keep it firmly connected to your seat, with an aerodynamic design to help reduce drag.

The outer material features reflectors for added visibility, and Topeak has also designed the bag with a rear light in mind, which you can clip on for early morning or late evening rides.

Ortlieb Micro Two Seat Pack

Thanks to the handy mount you can attach this 0.5 liter bag to your bike with ease, safe in the knowledge No moisture will get through even when the weather turns thanks to the totally waterproof exterior.

It should be just as easy to detach when you hop off the saddle which means you can take it with you during any rest breaks, or even clip it onto another bike and let someone else carry the additional load for a while.

It’s reflective to give you that extra bit of visibility, and will hold up to one kilogram of contents.

Castelli Undersaddle Bag XL

This saddle bag has a compact shape that won’t get in the way, but will give you ample space for any tools, inner tubes or snacks that may come in handy on the side of the road.

It’s made from a water-resistant material in an attempt to keep the worst of the weather out and has a lengthy zip handle so you can access your items with minimal hassle.

Attaching it to your bike should be simple enough as well thanks to the hook and loop style, which promises a wobble-free experience when you hit the road.

B’Twin 500 Reflective Bike Saddle Bag

Give yourself an extra 0.6 litres of storage on your next trip with this reflective saddle bag from B’Twin. It has a semi-rigid exterior to help keep your belongings safe as well as a layer of foam for additional protection as you ride over bumpy terrain.

It should be easy to attach to any bike saddle so you won’t fall behind having to fiddle with the straps, and and it has a dual attachment design which basically means it’ll stay put without shaking as you cycle. There’s also a clip for you to add a light (as pictured).

Topeak Burrito Wrap

Packing plenty of potential in a small bundle, this burrito-style saddle bag looks small and discrete until it’s rolled open to reveal three separate compartments.

Ideal for holding everything from spare inner tubes to C02 inflators, the bag is made from a durable water repellent exterior that’s said to keep your items nice and dry until you need them, and should attach firmly to your bike thanks to a sturdy Velcro strap.

Zefal Z Light Pack

Featuring a double Velcro strap to make sure it doesn’t budge when you’re on the move, this saddle bag from Zefal comes in a smaller size, which is ideal if you’re looking to limit the additional weight but need a few extra supplies.

The material is said to be both weather resistant and reflective so it’ll perform in rain or shine and night or day, with a dangling zip that means access should be easy to access the contents whenever you need to.

Vel C02 Starter Kit

If you’re specifically looking to carry a C02 Kit on your bike, this collection from Vel also comes with a large saddle bag so you can make sure you’re prepared for any issues.

The kit itself comes with three tire levers, a multi-tool, as well as a patch kit and Co2 head which all fit within the included bag thanks to its capacity of 0.8 litres. Designed to attach to the bottom of your saddle and seat post, this should provide a snug but subtle fit.

Lezyne Bicycle Saddle Trainer

Sitting beneath your saddle, this small bag should be able to store essential items like an inner tube and tyre levers while taking the brunt of an intense ride thanks to its high-frequency welded seas that will keep the stitching intact.

It’s compact nature means it’s not the largest of saddle bags, but this results in a stable ride. Plus, you’ll hardly notice it’s there.

It should attach firmly to the bottom of your saddle thanks to a thick loop attached to the back, and the lengthy top zip has a handy hook so you can open it with ease whether you’ve pulled onto the side of the road or you’ re still riding.

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