Best kids’ swimming goggles to buy

If you’ve got children who adore spending time in the water, it’s important to invest in a solid pair of kids’ swimming goggles. Not only do goggles help prevent the irritation of chlorine, which can cause red, stingy eyes, but they’re an essential piece of racing kit for your young, budding triathletes.

Goggles can also offer UV protection which is handy for outdoor competitions, so it’s always a good idea to have a reliable pair of swimming goggles in the swimming kit bag.

Our round up of the best kids’ swimming goggles is based on in-depth research and user reviews, and is made up of a range of styles and designs. So whether they’re in need of snazzy mirrored goggles to help shave their race time, or fancy an everyday pair with anti-fog qualities, you’re sure to find a pair in our list that suits their swimming needs.

It’s worth noting, while the majority of our list are designed for six to 14 year olds, there’s likely to be a degree of flexibility due to the adjustable nature of swimming goggles.

Best kids’ swimming goggles for 2022

Speedo Junior Unisex Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Goggles

Speedo is a well-loved and trusted brand, and these unisex junior goggles are designed for both indoors and outdoor use, so they’re bound to become a well-used accessory. The lenses feature an anti-fog coating which aims to help improve clarity and anti-fog to reduce glare in bright, sunny conditions.

This is particularly helpful when children are swimming outdoors in the open and find themselves up against the sun. If you’re looking for a new pair of goggles for racing, these Speedos are worth considering as they promise to stay securely in place due to a strengthened core design feature.

Arena Unisex Kids Arena Kids Goggles

Recommended for children aged between six and 12 years old, these colorful Arena goggles have a hydrodynamic frame, so they should be a great choice for young swimmers hoping to achieve speedy results in competitions.

The lenses are UV protected to protect delicate young eyes and have an anti-fog coating, you can also adjust the nose bridge for added comfort.

Thanks to Arena’s orbit proof technology, the seals should provide a snug fit that prevents the risk of any unwanted water ingress. These are also a great pick if you’re looking for a fun, bright design.

Aqua Sphere Vista Junior Goggles

Opt for a larger mask design for your child’s goggle needs if you prioritise comfort and multipurpose kit that you can take on snorkelling holidays, as well as use for training.

This mask from Aqua Sphere is suitable for kids aged six and over, and promises a comfortable and leak-resistant seal that aims to eliminate any pressure on the eye sockets.

The lenses claim to have scratch-resistant qualities which is useful considering how often goggles are carelessly chucked into bags amongst other swim gear. Other desirable features include the quick-fit buckle which aims to help children quickly and easily find a fit that suits them, and the four-point expanded vision.

Zoggs Kids’ Ripper Junior Swimming Goggles

A straightforward and classic design, these goggles feature a slide adjusting mechanism so kids can efficiently find their perfect fit. These goggles from Zoggs are suitable for kids aged between the ages of six and 14, and promise anti-fog lenses and UV protection.

The color-tinted lenses offer medium protection from the sun, but should also be useful in brightly lit, indoor swimming pools where there’s a lot of glaring light. If you’re not a fan of the pink and purple, there’s also a red and blue pair available.

Orca Junior Goggles

These junior swimming goggles from Orca have a 3D gasket which aims to help reduce pressure around young swimmers’ eyes. These could be a good pick if your kids often leave the pool with tight, uncomfortable rings around their eyes.

They’ve been designed with visibility in mind, so children can swim in a range of conditions and maintain clear vision. These are another pair that are suitable for six to 14 year olds, and considering these are from the triathlon specialist brand Orca, they’re likely to be a top choice for mini triathletes.

Speedo Vengeance Mirror Junior Swimming Goggles

If your child enjoys a jazzy design, this pair of swimming goggles from Speedo are likely to be a hit. The double silicone head strap should help provide adjustability and thanks to the interchangeable nose bridges, kids can try and achieve an ideal fit.

These are another pair suited to racing as their streamlined lens profile aims to help swimmers dash through the water at speed. While the mirrored lenses give the goggles a sleek, professional vibe, they should also help reduce brightness and glare, being suitable for both outdoor and indoor events.

Persistar Fit Unmirrored Swim Goggles

These junior swim goggles from Adidas could be a winning option if your child enjoys swimming laps. They aim to provide a wide field of vision to help give a clear view of lane action.

With an adjustable nosepiece and double strap, they should be comfortable to wear. These stylish and affordable goggles also offer UV protection and anti-fog qualities, which aims to help maintain clarity when swimming in all conditions.

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