Best buoyancy shorts for triathletes

If you’re looking to work on your swimming technique and find pull buoys difficult to use, buoyancy shorts are a straightforward alternative.

As the name suggests, this handy piece of training swimwear makes you more buoyant in the water, so you can spend more time focusing on your technique and less time worrying about the dreaded sinky legs.

Buoyancy shorts are also handy for those with heavier legs as you have the extra support to help maintain a streamlined form.

Another plus is there effortless nature – they’re a great alternative to pull buoys. Just pop them on under your wetsuit, or wear on their own during the warmer months (or in the pool). There’s a range of thicknesses available, depending on the level of buoyancy and support required, and you’ll find a mix styles in our roundup.

So check out our list of the best buoyancy shorts, and achieve a more natural, streamlined position in the water. Picks are based on in-depth research and analysis of user reviews.

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Best buoyancy shorts for 2022

Aqua Sphere Aquaskin Training Short

For some added warmth in cold water or standalone use in the summer, try these Aqua Sphere buoyancy shorts. As well as making chilly water more bearable, the shorts aim to help with hip rotation, allowing you to rotate from your hips without the faff of concentrating on a pull buoy.

They’re on the thicker side, with the front panel measuring 5mm, which is fairly high in terms of buoyancy level.

The adjustable waistband is designed to help achieve a comfortable and snug fit, and as an added bonus, there’s a special panel around the crotch area to help prevent chafing.

Zone3 The Originals 5:3mm Buoyancy Shorts

The original Zone3 buoyancy shorts are designed with 3mm front panels and 5mm side panels. Offering a high level of buoyancy, and designed to enhance core support, these buoyancy shorts are pitched as an ideal starting point for those in need of an extra lift in the water.

Zone3 says your body position and swim technique should also benefit. The women-specific design is available in XS and S.

Zone3 The Next Step 3:2mm Buoyancy Shorts

A step up from the previous design, these Zone3 buoyancy shorts are designed for both novice and intermediate level swimmers. Made of the same neoprene material as the brand’s triathlon wetsuits, there’s a 2mm panel down the centre, and you’ve got 3mm down either side.

They’re less buoyant than the brand’s original 5:3mm shorts shown above, so if you’re looking to progress, and don’t need as much core support, you could give these a try.

Vitally, they’re suitable for use in both open water and pool, so you’re sure to get plenty of use out of them whatever the season.

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Roka Sim Elite II Buoyancy Shorts

These buoyancy shorts are all about improving speed. They’re designed to lift your hips as you swim to allow for a more streamlined training session. Recommended primarily for pool training, just rinse with fresh water and dry to keep them in good condition.

The buoyancy shorts are made with 100% premium Yamamoto neoprene with the aim of reducing drag, much like many high-end wetsuits. We like the design too, with the bright turquoise strip adding a fun touch.

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Orca Unisex Buoyancy Shorts

These Orca buoyancy shorts feature an 8mm front panel and a 6mm back panel to help you master your position in the water. The sides are a thinner 3mm in order to offer flexibility for your stroke movements.

An adjustable drawstring waistband is also added to help offer optimum comfort and fit.

Huub Alpha Buoyancy Shorts

At the more expensive end of the scale, these 5:3mm Huub buoyancy shorts aim to help with your body and kicking alignment in the water, while also improving your core stability.

If you’re a fan of Huub’s wetsuits, you’ll be pleased to hear its buoyancy shorts are designed in a similar fashion. There are plenty of sizes to choose from too, from S to XXL.

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