Best bike repair stands for your home workshop

Bike repair stands are easily overlooked as you start to collect cycling gear, as you can get away without them for tasks like cleaning and tire changing.

They may not be must-have bits of kit, but they’ll make your life a whole lot easier when you need to carry out more advanced maintenance or repairs. Once you’ve lifted your bike off the ground, you’ll be able to do your jobs comfortably at eye-level.

Bicycle stands also come in handy as a storage solution, helping to keep your bike out of the way in sheds or garages.

Here are some of the best bike repair stand deals available to online today, with each pick based on user reviews and knowledge among 220 and its sister titles.

Best bike repair stands to make your life easier

Topeak Bike Stand

If you have multiple bikes to store, this stand from Topeak could be the solution. It comes with hangers to support two bicycles, but you can suspend up to four, as long as they weigh under 72kg in total – or 18kg per hanger.

Of course, this stand also works well as a repair aid. The adjustable frame can extend to nearly seven feet, which should provide plenty of space for you to work underneath and around your bike.

The stand is made from aluminum tubing, which is said to be both sturdy and lightweight.

Park Tool Wall-Mount Repair Stand

Park Tool Wall-Mount Repair Stand

Most bike repair stands have an extending pole and tripod base, but here’s something a little different. This device attaches to the wall with a mounting bracket, which is ideal if you want to save space in your garage or workshop.

A versatile choice, this bike repair bracket has an adjustable clamp to grip tubes between 2.3cm and 7.6cm in diameter, including aero tubes. Vitally, Park Tool says you can alter the pressure of the claws in order to help you avoid damaging thin-walled tubes.

The center of the clamp extends 33cm out from the wall and is said to be able to hold 45kg of weight.

Raleigh Folding Home Mechanic Workstand

Raleigh Folding Home Mechanic Workstand

Another bike repair stand from a trusted brand, this affordable option comes from the brains behind Raleigh. It’s made with a folding design for easy storage and transportation, as well as an attachable tray to keep your tools close at hand.

As you’d expect from most repair stands, there’s a universal clamp, designed to take bicycle frames and seatposts of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to the adjustable grip, you should be able to achieve a secure hold.

Feedback Sports Sprint Bicycle Repair Station

Feedback Sports Sprint Bicycle Repair Station set up and folded up on a white background

Rather than clamping around a bicycle’s top tube this bike repair stand features a slightly different design, with a sturdy top bar that connects with your bike’s forks or rear dropouts. Feedback Sports says it’ll fit with any fork and dropout, and can hold up to 39kg of weight.

Costing over £280, this is one of the more expensive bike stands on our list and user reviews and the materials used suggest it should stand the test of time.

You can disconnect your bike in just one easy motion, thanks to the stand’s single-point, quick-release mount, and you can fold it up if you need to travel.

Park Tool Home Mechanical Repair Stand

Park Tool Home Mechanical Repair Stand

Another premium option, this bike repair stand is on the higher end of the price spectrum at over £270. It’s made from powder-coated steel with teardrop-shaped tubing for extra strength and durability, and comes with an adjustable clamp allowing you to attach your bike with one hand.

This stand has a weight capacity of up to 36kg, which should be enough to cover almost any pedal bike, including most e-bikes as well.

You’ll be able to raise the height of the stand from 99cm to 145cm and it can be rotated by a full 360°. When you need to travel, just pack it up – both legs fold down in one quick motion.

As an added bonus, there’s a tool tray, which you can move up and down the stand to your preferred height.

LifeLine Folding Bike Workstand

LifeLine Folding Bike Workstand

This folding bike stand comes with a few clever features to keep everything secure as you make your repairs. The legs stretch out by 75cm to help support weights of up to 30kg and stability the extending stand, which rises up to a height of 175cm.

Plus, there’s a handlebar and wheel stabilizer to stop your bicycle moving after you clamp it at the top tube or seat post.

Also included in the design is a 20cm x 10cm metallic tool tray to keep your bits and bobs safe.

Halfords Repair Stand

Halfords Repair Stand

On sale at under £50, this is the most affordable bike repair stand on our list. With a maximum load capacity of 25kg, it doesn’t hold as much weight as others on the market, but it makes a practical option for occasional or on-the-move repair jobs.

As part of the design, you’ll find an easy-mounting system, which allows you to secure and detach your bike with minimum hassle. And there’s an integrated tool tray to help you keep track of small parts.

The stand can reach up to 160cm in height, but it also folds down for simple storage.

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