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I fell in love with listening to audiobooks while running as I trained for my second marathon solo in 2006. Over the years of training that followed, I’ve found podcasts about running that are not only more accessible, but provide a different level of motivation than an audiobook.
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Some people love a great story while they run, but for me it’s all about the mental benefit.

I want training tips, life hacks or motivational words from people who have been there and done that. Over the years I’ve seen podcasts come and go. I’ve gone through many that just weren’t that great and finally settled on some that are always in my weekly rotation.

Here are 19 podcasts for runners with a little something for every taste and hopefully not all one’s you’ve seen elsewhere.

19 Running Podcasts

Some of these podcasts about running, others are fitness related, and some just cover all the basic life topics. Either way, these podcasts to listen to while running are all guaranteed to get you motivated in one way or another to power through and keep running!

My tastes continue to change and evolve, so this list has been revamped 5 or 6 times now!

I’ve realized that sometimes I’m in the mood for business, sometimes fitness and sometimes a little more lighthearted.

The Rich Roll Podcast

I stumbled upon Rich one day after hearing him as a guest on another show and at first wasn’t sure about his podcast.

They’re much longer than the norm and he tends to get off on random topics…yet he’s just a super interesting person, who manages to create really great story telling podcasts from his guests.

While Rich is plant-based and prefers long steady runs to say CrossFit, Rich is OPEN to ideas and brings on people from a variety of backgrounds to share knowledge.

I personally love any episode on the mental side of training, but there have been many others on endurance training, Vegan, CrossFit and business that also kept me entertained for my long run.

Checkout: July 15, 2018 – John McAvoy From Armed Robbery to Professional Athlete

The Running for Real with Tina Muir

Tina has been an elite runner herself, giving her a unique insight to the questions to ask her high caliber guests like Meb.

She’s also focused on ensuring each guest is providing value to you and take-aways that will help you improve your own running.

Checkout: August 2019 – Lauren Fleshman: You Can Feel Satisfied and Still Get Better

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Ben Greenfield Fitness

If biohacks and off the wall ways to improve your life are the kind of thing that get you going, then this is the show for you. It’s another where I don’t listen to every episode, but instead pull those of the most interest me (which is fine because he puts out a ton).

Just know that he loves to go off on to really weird topics sometimes…I dig that. Ha! You never know what things will work.

Like last week I listened to an older interview on body alignment for injury prevention and it was a great reminder not only while I was running, but afterwards to do some things differently.

Checkout: May 29, 2019 – The Search for The Perfect Protein

Endurance Planet

I have literally just found this podcast, so I don’t have tons to tell you yet. BUT if you’re an endurance runner looking to improve how your body performs by taking care of it through nutrition this is the place to be.

Tawnee talks with some of the top minds like Dr Phil Maffetone and Dr Tim Noakes. Also great for those of you in triathlon as there is more talk of that here.

Checkout: ATC 292: Is Your Stride Rate Helping or Hurting Your Run Economy?

No Meat Athlete

A great option for those attempting to go Vegan and those just wanting to find out how cleaning up your food could improve your running. It’s also great for those looking to push the boundaries and go for an Ultra.

I admit this is one I don’t listen to very frequently, but tend to pull out topics of interest when I see them pop up. It’s a conversational podcasts that’s more relaxed and less educational focused like Ben Greenfield.

Checkout: Why it Took Matt 7 Year to Qualify for Boston and How You Can Do It Quicker

The Morning Shakout

I haven’t listened to a ton of these, but one that caught my attention to start listening were fabulous.

First there was the multiple chats with Desi, then a talk with Bart Yasso that made me smile for the duration of my run! Hosted by Mario Fraoli a high caliber running coach and writer, they’re usually great insightful conversations.

Checkout: Episode 40 – Desi Linden post Boston win!
She obviously did a lot of shows, but I really enjoyed this one.podcasts about running

Trail Runner Nation

A focus on real people doing pretty amazing things. This trail runner podcast is obviously going to offer a lot more for you trail runners with tips that are specific to nutrition, footing, ultra events and more.

But I think all runners will get a lot out of many of the discussions they have!

Checkout: August 9 – Can Failure Make Us More Successful?

For the Long Run

Podcaster Jonathan Levitt is one of the most extroverted people I’ve ever met. He’s also a connector. He loves putting people in touch and is a stellar runner in his own right. All of this is why he has some incredible interviews with top athletes in running.

He does a great job of getting in to both the training we’re curious about and their lives, their mindset and more.

Checkout: Any episode with David Roche. There’s also one with a well known Amanda Brooks 😉

Hit Play Not Pause

As someone who went through hormonal struggles very early, I am THRILLED that there is a now a podcast focused on peri and post menopausal athletes. They do a great job of digging in to the science and bring in information from Dr Stacy Simms.

There is a lot of sharing stories from athletes, which will give you not just ideas, but hope.

Checkout: Episode 59 Staying on Top Of Symptoms

Diz Runs

Interviews with runners of all different abilities who have something to offer each of us. You might learn from say little ol’ me or an elite runner different tips for cracking the two hour half, hitting your Boston stride or fueling right.

Checkout: Episode 764: Ila Allen Isn’t Using Age As an Excuse to Not Achieve her Goals

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

This will not be a podcast for everyone and at first I wasn’t sure it was one for me. In fact, I admit to fast forwarding through a lot of the beginning because I want the meat of the show and not all the chit chat.

BUT especially for runners who may not want to spend time in the gym I think they’re going to really help you embrace the value.

Checkout: Episode 1077 – The 7 Deadly Fitness Lies Sold to Women

On Coaching with Magness and Marcus

Those who are really in to the deep dive of coaching, techniques, all the science and whys will enjoy this podcast. A few fellow running coaches have told me this is the one that they never miss.

Even as an athlete I think there is a lot to learn here. It’s going to help you better understand your training plan and put all the pieces together.

Checkout: Episode 155: Getting the Most out of People. How to inspire, encourage and sustain excellence.

The Growth Equation

This sa newer podcast and I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to dive in to more episodes. I think so many of us have realized that we’re training our bodies, but our minds need time.

This is another podcast with Steve Magness, but this time with co-host Brad Stulberg. Many folks really enjoyed their book, Peak Performance, and that’s the launching point for this show.

Checkout: When to Thrive vs Simply Survive

BONUS: Here are 20 podcasts where I’ve been a guest!

Additional Podcasts for Entertainment on the Run

Sometimes we just don’t want to listen to running. We need to have some fun, things that make the time fly.

Arm Chair Expert

OMG, friends kept telling me about this one, but I had put it on the back burner. However, once I started listening to Dax Shepard I was sucked in and found many runs going all too quickly.

I can’t tell you that you’re going to leave these a better human, but you are going to laugh and find yourself sucked in to what’s happening.

Episodic Podcasts

Ok so after much prodding by my friends, I started to listen to things that were more story based and not just running focused. It turns out those really made the time fly as well!!

A few that I really loved:

  • Dr. Death
  • The Drop Out
  • The Shrink Next Door
  • Life is Short with Justin Long (random interviews that are often funny)
  • The Thing About Pam

And no I didn’t list the Runner’s World Podcast, not because there is anything wrong with it, but because you likely already tried that running podcast!

Hopefully, I’m giving you some other ideas!

And no I didn’t mention the Another Mother Runner podcast, again not because it’s not good. I really enjoyed it for a time, but as noted I cycle through things and lately it just hasn’t worked for me. I wasn’t getting motivated listening to their daily back and forth.

What running podcasts do you listen to?

Do you like them to be fitness related or not?

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